More on the James Dean “Look”

I am continually intrigued by James Dean’s specter of style, particularly as it is continually re-imagined (recycled?) and re-circulated through the blogosphere.  In the most recent iteration of this trend, Trendhunter provides a series of styles derived from/inspired by the long dead film star.


Says Kevin Young: 

“The rebel without a cause is still making a name for himself even decades after his death, as people continue to sport the James Dean style.

The handsome young actor died at a young age, but his legacy remains. The Greasers’ style from ‘The Outsiders’ takes inspiration from the dreamy actor. The hair, dangling cigarette, leather jacket and bad boy attitude can be widely seen in fashion photo shoots. The infamous quiff hairstyle he sports is still a popular hair-do today.

There’s something very attractive about the bad boy look and James Dean definitely sets the tone for that style. Although the rebel is gone, this collection of James Dean-inspired looks is an example of keeping up the badass way.”

A look at the “Recent Trends” section will tell you that this fetishization of “Dean” style is part of (but not entirely confined within) a far broader imagination of postwar couture that, frankly, would constitute its own book length project.  I’ll leave that for another intrepid scholar.  Check out Trendhunter’s Dean-inspired slideshow here.

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